Video: Guarco's "Que Pasó?"

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This music video awakens memories of my Pink Floyd (the visuals) and The Doors (the lyrics) phase. And I’m speaking beyond any recollections during my high school days and the mushroom-taking, spiritual-seeking journey’s through any door of perception. Perhaps more like paralleling a Carlos Castaneda book. Though I will acknowledge that this music video is visually a trip!  But looking beyond the weirdly Robert Plant-look-alike guy and the tribal Amazonian beaut who strikes poses, the song “Que Pasó?” somehow resonates with a philosophy that became evident 40 years ago. Uruguayan via Brooklyn-based singer Guarco‘s lyric sings, “Hay que vivir la historia personal” which is derived, or inspired, out of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist – ‘a fable about following your dream.’ There’s certainly a magical realism about the whole thing I just watched.  And of course, the rock steady and dub sound to the tune is a bonus!

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