Video: Hache ST's "Altas Montañas" ft. Me-Stair [DOM/HAI]

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While the xenophobic law that would strip Dominicans of Haitian ancestry of their home is still a hot, controversial topic (many artists, from Rita Indiana to Junot Diaz have already expressed their feelings publicly) we were still missing this: a collaboration between a Dominican and a Haitian MC, comparing their points of views in their own languages.

Hache ST is one of the most talented Spanish-speaking politically conscious rappers on the scene right now but he isn’t quite rapping here, instead he’s doing some spoken word poetry over a laid-back beat provided by the currently ubiquitous Argentine producer Gas-Lab. The simple but effective video was done in association with Bocafloja‘s Quilombo Arte collective and the visuals are as earnest as the words.

[insert-video youtube=pBvvW9oi4Pc]