Video: "Have You Heard?" Ceci Bastida's hit with Rye Rye?

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So apparently MIA is still jacking Rye Rye‘s style cuz, it seems to me, and I might be completely in the wrong here, but don’t this “hambone hambone” business sound suspiciously similar to Mr. Arulpragasam’s google-bone-connected-the-the-telephone spit? I donna y’all. Make up your own mind ‘n let me know, fo’ reals. Oh, and don’t tell nobody but I been waiting on Rye Rye’s release for her Go! Pop! Bang! debut for a hot minute, and her publicist has just been straight yanking me along saying the shit was gonna drop back in March of 1999. Ok, but this ain’t about me and my ego, or my staunch enthusiasm and dedication to miss Rye’s loveliness, this about the music. Produced by Diplo, Tijuana No! alum, Ceci Bastida counter-narrates the current narco atrocity in her latest single “Have You Heard?” off her unrivaled solo debut Veo La Marea. I was gonna go narco hemmed and pretend I was Mexican, but let’s leave it to the professionals. And well, this some professional-ass shit right here, no joke. With a solid punk endurance meets hip-pop aesthetics, Bastida is coming at the world with an unparalleled command and presence. It’s no wonder these two icons of artistic resistance and poetic precision teamed up for a track.

[insert-video youtube=xSEdfu-FtTI]