Video: Ibi Ego's Album Teaser [MEX]

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Ibi Ego is comprised of multi-instrumentalists David Bravo, You Schaffner, and Gabriel Duprat, three Tijuaneros who’ve been around since 2003 but have just recently finished their debut album, MCMXCVIII (September 18th, Discos Tormento and Prima Crush). The band released a teaser on Monday that makes me want to rip someone’s face off, wear it, and then run (forever).

The minute-and-change clip, directed by Jesús Vásquez of Artileria (a.k.a Arti Leria), is image after image of geometrically intricate shapes, towers, and jellybeans set against aggressively grand synths that are so sci-fi the only thing that comes to mind is “IT’S ALIVE!” It also sounds like a theremin murdering a cat, which is great. This is what I want from album teasers. Sometimes you want more than just the songs. You want the nice-to-look-at-but-also-very-scary story.

[insert-video youtube=wSyz71RiLcQ]

UPDATE: The teasing is over. Now you can listen to the whole thing via Ibi Ego’s soundcloud.