Video: Impvlso's "Espasmo Vacacional" [MEX]

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We can already hear girls saying “that is SO me!” while watching this video.

The guys at Infinito Corazón, the Mexican video production house, have consistently given us a window into Mexico City’s youth, their lifestyle and nightlife, in a way that feels intimate. And the video for Impvlso‘s “Espasmo Vacacional” fits perfectly in their body of work. It features three girls and visual and written descriptions of what hurts them and what they enjoy, with a transitional break point that shows something that doesn’t hurt anymore for each of them. This is a celebration of being alive: they dance to the rhythm of life, even if it pains them.

“Espasmo Vacacional” is the first single off Imvpulso’s second EP, Beyond (2014, Sonido Inconsciente), and it’s also its weakest track (it already felt like a clichéd downtempo song, and then the sampled brass solo came in…). But it actually works well as the soundtrack to these images. Even the borrowed monologue from Men in Black III seems to interact with the video’s narrative. Watch the video below, and buy Impvlso’s interesting Beyond EP on his bandcamp.

[insert-video youtube=UXkl6PB3umQ]