Video: Isa GT's "Pa' Las Mamasitas" + Free Downloads!

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LAMC approved Colombian-via London pop-hop performer Isa GT,¬†who just dropped a star-studded video about the shortage of men in London, and in the rest of the world. This global phenomena takes prominence in her playful lyrics, and flimsy concern for this Amazonian paradigm. But never fear, Isa GT has got the remedy. With a dizzy video full of plenty of shear tops revealing gorgeous London ladies’ (can I say this on the internet?) nips, the answer is clear: lesbianism. I’ve been preaching this message for years, telling all my thirsty or man hating girlfriends that they should just turn into dykes, but nobody ever listens to me. Promise, I’m not even a perv-straight dude who wants to just see cute girls make out or nothing. It just makes sense, everybody should be queer. Maybe with some flashy, Lady Gaga fave, Fanny and Jessy outfits in her video “Pa’ las mamasitas” will finally catch on. Like Isa GT sings, “si no queres estar sola / en la cama / no seas¬†exigente / y entrale a las damas!”

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