Video: Joe Crepúsculo's "Mi Fábrica de Baile." We've Already Watched it 9 Times.

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This video makes me feel all the feelings. Mostly the weird ones. Joe Crepúsculo likes his fair share of kitsch and camp just like any other red-blooded, tiger-blouse-wearing, throwback-electronica enthusiast. There’s so much irony hanging around this guy at all times but it rarely feels dishonest. Or, more importantly, it’s rarely annoying. Crepúsculo just released his sixth (!!) album via Mushroom Pillow titled Baile de Magos and now we have the video for the track of all tracks, “Mi fábrica de baile.” This song is a hot mess and I want to marry it.

In the video, we go back and forth from an ‘80s-era office (chunky computers!) to what looks like an on-location shoot for The Fast and the Furious 9: Still Super Fast and Super Furious. At first we don’t know what these two groups have in common but then the twist: they’re IN the computers! We get some attempts at dancing and cheesy video girls done right thanks to a ton of self awareness (cough cough clears throat).

If I had a reality TV show—which would of course be called Rican Havoc—this would be its intro song and “Mi fábrica de baile no cabe en tu corazón pequeño” would be my catchphrase.

Watch Joe Crepúsculo’s “Mi fábrica de baile,” directed by Emilio Rebollo. I’ve already watched the video six times while writing this so, yeah, I’m into it.

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