Video: Juana Molina's "Sin Guia No" [ARG]

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If ever there were a song that embodies what I think music is capable of, it’s Juana Molina’s “Sin Guia No.” There’s such a careful mixture of desperation, aggravation, and peace that it stands out to me as a love letter to music and its possibilities.

Molina never slacks off in her videos and “Sin Guia No” is a great example of her attention to visuals. Directed by Dr. Sepian, the clip explores Tierra de Fuego’s forests as breathing subjects, along with its indigenous dwellers, the Selk’nam people. Spirits and rituals are manifested through movement during a boy’s initiation ceremony, nicely matching the song’s erratic spirit. There’s also a nifty dance move in there that we will dub “The Molina.”

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