Video: Julieta Venegas' "Te Vi"

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Julieta Venegas has been busy lately, as one usually is when one releases one’s sixth album. One would be very very busy. Los Momentos has brought us some reworked collaborations with Javiera Mena and Gepe, a studio performance videoseries, and now the second official music video.

“Te Vi” is a glossier pop song than “Vuelve,” and the video focuses on the burgeoning romance/sexuality of two kids, juxtaposed with images of the sea, animals in captivity, and fireworks. The whole thing feels like the kid version of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video, only sweeter and less drug-y. Boy and girl make out, boy and girl wear snazzy fringe jackets and frequent arcades, boy and girl fight. The end.

Watch Julieta Venegas’ kid-centric video for “Te Vi” below.