VIDEO: KID606'S "Cute Never Dies" Is Pretty…Well, Cute [USA]

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Kid606 gets points for creativity, not only for his paper-doll-populated video, but for his titling skills, too. On his latest album, October’s Happiness, you’ll find songs sporting names like “Happiness is a warm kitten,” the SD-reppin’ “Coronado Bay Breezin’,” “Blood Stevia Sex Magik” (a Red Hot Chili Peppers nod), and the very transparent “If I am only allowed one song on the album with cut up female vocals then this song is it.” But it’s “Cute Never Dies” that gets the video treatment, which is a half shame because it’s nowhere near the best track on an album that, for me, misses a few too many marks. The Venezuelan IDM/glitch laborer, whose real name is Miguel Trost de Pedro, has plenty of other releases (better ones) to comb through though, so take the time after you watch his latest video below.

[insert-video vimeo=78441411]