Video: Kumbia Queers' "Gascón" [ARG]

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Gascón is a street in Almagro, a generic grey neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It lacks any particular charm and doesn’t usually attract tourists so it probably doesn’t get evoked by too many pop songs. But for at least one of the Kumbia Queers it carries a special symbolism.

Gascón” is a song about dealing with post-break up syndrome. You know, when you walk down a certain street that reminds you of that certain formerly-special someone, and you feel a need to reconnect, but then you end up screaming inside your head “stay away from me!”

Kumbia Queers vocals are usually either sung by Juana Chang or Ali Gua Gua (who, BTW, is releasing a solo album), but for this track the microphone fell on the hands of keyboard player Flor Linyera who, I assume, also wrote it, most probably based on a real life experience.

With her characteristic soccer-hooligan-chant singing style, Flor may diverge from the usual Kumbia Queers canon a bit, but she may have also found the perfect middle ground between cumbia villera and Argentine punk rock.

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