Video: Kumbia Queers' "Mientes" [ARG/MEX]

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I gotta confess, sometimes I lie about liking certain songs, videos, or artists, but I’ve never lied about loving Kumbia Queers and pretty much everything they do. I recently got to hang out with them during their visit to California and they were mad cool, so now I love them even more. What I’m trying to say here is that, yes, I’m totally biased and even if this is not their best video or their best song, watching it made my morning.

Mientes” is the third track to get a video treatment from their latest album, Pecados Tropicales, and it’s probably the most generic cumbia they’ve ever recorded. There’s nothing really queer, or punk, about it. They’re just accusing a guy of being a scumbag liar. With minimal adjustments, the song could comfortably fit into the repertoire of any run-of-the-mill cumbia romántica pop star. So yeah, it’s not Kumbia Queers’ most representative work, but still, I like it because it’s Kumbia Queers and because the über-kitsch, zero-budget, ridiculous video takes the common-place lyrics completely out of context, helping me appreciate it from a whole new angle as some sort of parody of the genre’s clichés.

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