Video: La Bien Querida's “A Veces Ni Eso”

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Let’s play Name that Movie Reference. La Bien Querida’s newest video makes use of new-wave-heavy track “A Veces Ni Eso” from her last album, Ceremonia (2012, Elefant Records). The song, which already feels like a musical homage to New Order and the like, plays while a slew of film references are thrown our way in color-corrected, grainy fashion. We have a blue-bobbed lady in a trench wielding swords and doing some karaoke. Gestures toward Sofia Coppola, Luc Besson, David Lynch, Leos Carax, and Tarantino are sprinkled here and there, but we want you to complete the puzzle. Name that movie reference!

Watch La Bien Querida’s cinematic mashup, “A Veces Ni Eso,” directed by Ernest Desumbila and Limón Estudios.

[insert-video youtube=AfqmTEBoifQ]

UPDATE: To celebrate Record Store Day, Mexi label Terrícolas Imbéciles compiled a five-song homage to La Bien Querida’s latest album Ceremonia. The compilation includes five covers from national artists like Quiero Club’s Priscilla Gzz, Pato Machete, Pascual Reyes, OhMyOh, and A Veces Siempre. Machete gives a slowed-down reggae tempo to the below track. Worth a listen.