Video: La Dame Blanche's "La Revancha" (ft. El Hijo De La Cumbia) [GLOBAL]

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A few months ago we introduced you to La Dame Blanche, a France-based Afro-Cuban singer/rapper who was previously known as Sergent Garcia’s backup singer. Well, here’s the first video of her solo debut and it’s pure fire.

“La Revancha” is her dance-floor-igniting ñu-cumbia joint, produced by no other than genre pioneer El Hijo De La Cumbia, from Argentina. The colorful video was shot entirely in Pinar de Río, Cuba, showcasing local talent breakdancing to her beat, plus a plethora of Cuban-culture clichés (from thick cigars to dominoes to chickens roaming the streets freely). If this doesn’t get you dancing, you should get checked out– there might be something seriously wrong with you.

[insert-video youtube=hfsInOaSh4Q]