Video: La MiniTK del Miedo's "Yo reinaré" [COL]

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Can we all join in exclaiming “WTF?” Now that we got it out of the way, we can proceed.

Fresh from their appearance at the NRMAL festival in Mexico, the masked cumbia cult are releasing a video for their cut “Yo reinaré” made by Colombian video firm, The video features La MiniTK playing in an apartment with windows for walls, an altar is placed in the middle of where they’re playing, and strobe lights are going off the whole time, everything captured by some shaky camera work, giving us a visual cue that complements the music.

The rhythm of “Yo reinaré” is undeniably infections, a techno cumbia groove where spooky synths dwell. The singer proclaims their philosophy like a liturgy delivered at a Sonidero, while samples and digital edits give it a strong dub vibe to make it all feel claustrophobic. And if it wasn’t creepy enough, everything becomes awash with noise toward the end. Nothing looks or sounds quite like this.

[insert-video youtube=I3Zh-c9D5xA]

(Photo by Misael Belt)