Video: La Santa Cecilia’s “Monedita” [USA]

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Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like La Santa Cecilia? If so, what is wrong with you?! How has this wonderful little band from L.A. not captured your heart yet? For those who remain unconverted, perhaps this latest video will change your mind.

Monedita” is quite unlike “El Hielo.” First of all, it’s animated by award-winning writer, musician, and director Sergio Arau, who uses simplistic, kinda old-school flash-style animation to bring the song to life.

Second of all, the song is much more lighthearted and fun than the previous single. La Marisoul sings about being poor yet still having fun and enjoying life. Yes, the struggle is real but it doesn’t have to break your heart at all times (though it will break the bank).

Download La Santa Cecilia’s Treinta Dias below: