Video: La Santa Cecilia Reworks "Strawberry Fields Forever" in Homage to Immigrant Workers

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If you were at NY’s SummerStage early for the last concert of the LAMC series this summer, you saw this already projected on the screen, and you probably drooled. I know I did. I’m not a big Beatles fan but I love strawberries and the South Park-style animation is so on point.

It’s not the first time this classic Lennon-McCartney joint gets Latinized though– some of you might remember Los Fabulosos Cadillacs did a translated cover in collaboration with Blondie’s Debbie Harry in 1995. But while the Argentines took the ska route, La Santa Cecilia enriched the tune with son jarocho and some norteño accordion and gave it a complete different meaning, recontextualizing the song as an homage to those who pick up those strawberries in the fields, who happen to be, for the most part, immigrant workers. Well done.

[insert-video youtube=nkNv5Y1_Q4c]