Video: La Teja Pride's "Juega Sola" [URU]

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If there’s one thing I love doing (yeah, besides that) it’s walking down the streets of the city, on my own, at night. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but there’s a certain magic in the air that can lead to memorable, spontaneous adventures.

Uruguay’s rapping pioneers, La Teja Pride, did a song about just that, but from a female’s perspective. In this short-film-turned-music-video we see the gorgeous Micaela Sapin walking down the Montevideo streets listening to music in a way that reminds me a lot of Calu Rivero in that epic Poncho video, filmed just on the other side of el Río de la Plata.

But unlike Calu, Micaela doesn’t end up hooking up with the cool DJ at the party. Instead she runs into a handsome stranger in a serendipitish sort of way and spends a memorable night with him, more memorable than almost any lay—something she could tell her grandkids about in the future, when they ask how she met grandpa. Cute.

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