Video: Late Nite Howl's "Days Have Gone"

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Artileria productions of renown director Jesús Vásquez, has also worked diligently on several Carla Morrison videos. Always seeking to collaborate with like minded artists, this time they’ve set out to recreate moody-Americana nostalgia meets a Mexican piñata party for one of my new favorite twang and lullaby singers, Late Nite Howl. For such a simple song, which whizzes by, finishing on the same inconspicuous chords it starts out with, you can hear something special and sincere in Pablo Dodero‘s voice.

Set along a collage of found video art montaged, super-8 vintage family recording, we get not only a taste of Late Nite Howl‘s upcoming and highly anticipated album release, set for January 2012. But we also get a morsel of some of that good old fashioned American culture that Pablo gracefully teeters the edge of, playing his sultry and sundry folk among the best of ’em. Sounding like John Fahey, Dodero is taking music back to its roots, without the overload of synths and roaring excesses. Here’s some music for music lovers and a fine little video to match. Found in a rummage sale heap, this clip goes hand-‘n-hand with the dusty sounds of Late Night Howl, like a cold Coca-Cola on a steamy summer day.

[insert-video vimeo=32758499]