Video: Le Baron's "Piel," Sexy Pro-Cannibalism [MEX]

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Le Baron’s new video for “Piel” is not for the faint of heart. So if you’re squeamish or blood phobic then step away from your computer right now. The video for the group’s second single (off their 2012 album Magnetismo Colectivo) features some folks feasting off each other in a public bathroom. At first it’s just a case of heavy petting and then the scene devolves into exemplary cannibalism. But is it just me or do these two look like incompatible kissers? Maybe we’d all look incompatible in slow motion and close up, which is why most of us don’t film ourselves having sex because, gross, no. But these two? Not so much with the make-out chemistry. That might be why it gets so aggressively bloody in the end. Hey, we all have our kinks.

Watch the Charlie-Gore-directed clip below to get some tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom.

[insert-video youtube=rT0YGMl1UBA]