Video: Linda Guilala's Neon, Nostalgic Ode to "Verano" [ESP]

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Earlier this year, the always-awesome Spanish record label Elefant released Xeristar, the latest EP by Galician trio Linda Guilala, formed from the ashes of indie pop local heroes Juniper Moon. Its third track is called “Verano,” and it was just released as a single. It’s a fun song that resembles early Los Planetas, with a more shoegaze-y approach, and languid vocals by singer Eva, singing nostalgic lyrics about missing the summer.

The music video for “Verano,” directed by Javi Camino, is a simple performance video, made interesting through some post-production processing and editing. It’s a superposition of different footage of the band executing the song, each in a different color, and the result is very appealing. Neon colors assault our eyes, as the fast-tempo song makes our head bang. Throw in some visual glitches and there you have it. Simple and effective. Check it out below.

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