Video: Little Jesus’ video for “Color” [MEX]

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I am continually surprised by how fun Little Jesus’ music can be, even when it’s dealing with such nostalgic themes as growing up and falling in love so hard it hurts. Yet, Little Jesus’ Luis De Jesús manages to wrap up all those emotions in his brand of tropical rock, with fast guitar picking, syncopated drum patterns, and all-around island vibes (even though Mexico City is as landlocked as it gets). He has released a slew of singles off his yet-to-be-released debut, Norte, and now we get to see his ingenious video for “Color.”

Most of us are in familiar territory watching “Color,” a video that looks like an interactive version of a missed connections ad on craigslist. The Google searches, the Facebook chats, and the photo stalking are expertly synchronized with the lively, surf-rock riffs and Little Jesus’ soothing tenor. It’s endearing and almost bittersweet to see the process of the video’s protagonist (which I won’t spoil) hopefully scouring the Internet for a second chance at an encounter. “Somos dos audífonos sin conectar,” sings Little Jesus, while the screen is flashing memes like the kind you’d see on a tween’s wall.

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