Video: Lobo Gris’ “10:24” [PER]

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Gustavo de la Torre Casal is one talented dude. When not passing the time and paying the bills with his production company, Pasaje 18—responsible for creating music videos for artists such as Camilo Vega, Tourista, Luis Guzmán, and, most famously, Café Tacvba—he’s writing and recording music as Lobo Gris.

As Gris, Casal released his debut last year and we’ve been digging it ever since. He’s now treating us to an official video for “10:24,” his latest single but, this time, he lets his film buddy Bruno Guerra handle production duties.

The track, from which the album is named, ventures into Andean and hip-hop territory with sweet turntable scratching and some sick flute work I haven’t heard since Busdriver’s “Imaginary Places.” Guerra complements it all with a live-action, stop-motion shoot of a young sugar-skull-painted woman dancing along to it all.

[insert-video youtube=q8RXzmd7HzQ]