Video: Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’s “And Time Will Act Upon Them”

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Does a fan-made music video become the official video if the band shares it? It’s a question I ask now that Guadalajara’s Lorelle Meets The Obsolete has shared a video from one of their more artistically-inclined fans from France.

Maxime Fohlen -who will be world-famous as soon as this story is published-of Lille put together a few snippets of footage of some incredibly old-school French films for the Lorelle track “And Time Will Act Upon Them.” The video is a hazy acid trip of grainy film footage of dudes with signs, half-naked women, colors, lights, clouds, you name it! It’s a perfect fit for a song that’s packed with the type of sound that My Bloody Valentine would be proud of.

The song is off the group’s second LP Corruptible Faces, which was released last month via Captcha Records. Check out the video below.

[insert-video youtube=BVuCjptT2_4]