Video: Los Amigos Invisibles' "Corazón Tatú" [VEN]

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Los Amigos Invisibles‘ new video takes them back to their cachondo roots and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, their previous video was neat and all, but I’d rather see them doing what they do best: funky disco beats and horny lyrics. That’s the formula that made them famous anyway.

“Corazón Tatú” covers pretty much all bases for every single fetish you perverts out there may have, from monumental butts to bouncing boobs to ethnic girls dripping milk all over themselves while a guy sings about wanting to remember somebody on her knees in front of him—yeah, that’s a fetish, too. I bet you there are some porn sites out there dedicated to it.

Welcome back Amigos!

[insert-video youtube=JYv_tY1En98]

Download Los Amigos Invisibles’ Repeat After Me below: