Video: Los Bunkers' "Bailando Solo"

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Listen up, bands. If you really want to show emotions registering in their purest, most genuine form, then toss a couple of kids in your music videos. Kids represent the unjaded, idyllic, and hopeful versions of ourselves. Well, maybe not Julieta Venegas’ video kids, but Los Bunkers’ vecindario boys definitely do.

Bailando Solo” chronicles a boy (seemingly in the ’80s, unless that’s just what Chile always looks like) who keeps getting bested by his smug-faced friend in front of his crush. The object of his desire keeps distracting him from proving his worth during quintessential kid activities (e.g. running, marbles, and soccer). Subtext: women are the worst OR women make men worse. But let’s move forward despite the subtext. If there’s one thing this little lady can’t keep him from it’s D-A-N-C-E and, by golly, she’s going to like it! Our hero pops ‘n’ locks his way to her heart—because that’s how all major issues got settled in the ‘80s. Her hand is won, Smug Face McGee is defeated.

Watch “Bailando Solo” off of Los Bunkers’ La Velocidad de la Luz (out May 14th) to reaffirm your own inner kid.

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Download Los Bunkers’ Bailando Solo below: