Video: Los Coronas Sidestep Surf Rock Clichés in “Cleopatra Stomp” [ESP]

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Photographer-turned-director Paola Bregado has all the right elements to make a fantastic video for the Spanish surf stalwarts that stays clear of the genre’s clichéd visual aesthetic.

Bregado, who has previously worked with Los Coronas behind the camera, shoots lo-fi, intimate shots of bellydancers getting ready and also doing what they do best in what appear to be empty Middle Eastern-themed rooms. At some point of the video, the attention shifts to a little boy and a girl chasing each other and playing in the premises without skipping a beat or the atmosphere of the shoot. Hell, there’s even a puppy in some scenes.

This is a perfect scenario for “Cleopatra Stomp,” a Dick Dale-worthy original instrumental that heavily recalls the classic “Miserlou.” Fast-picked guitar riffs based around Arabic scales, mariachi trumpets, and 2/4 rhythms ride a giant wave of reverb. Perfect for those who like a little hip shaking in their dancing days.

“Cleopatra Stomp” comes off the Madrid unit’s latest album Adiós Sancho, released in 2013. Head over to El País to watch the video.