Video: Los Labios’ "Hoy Descubrí" [ARG]

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If somebody knows how to make cumbia sexy, that’s Los Labios‘ leader Lulu Jankilevich. On their second official video, the Argentine ñu-cumbia diva shows plenty of skin while inviting you to spend a hot night with her. On one condition though: you need to have some serious muscles. I’m talking body builder caliber here. At least that’s what she envisions in her erotic dream sequence, with cameos by buff underground divo Fok Electrochongo.

Of course, it’s all done with tongue-in-cheek humor. I seriously doubt that Lulu’s personal fetishes involve steroid freaks. This I assume after browsing the erotic web-zine she directs—NSFW alert—and the body types often portrayed there. But still, I ended up reminding myself to visit the gym a bit more often after watching this video, if only to increase my chances of one day showing off my body to her and seeing her hilariously exaggerated “OH” reactions.

Los Labios’ latest EP, Luz y Fuerza, is available for free.

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