Video: Los Labios' "Papi Swing" [ARG]

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Three years ago Kumbia Queers took cumbia to the mechanic in their video “Chica de Calendario,” an ode to the hot girls in scanty clothes decorating the walls of auto shops across Latin America. This time around it’s Los Labios who brought in their unique brand of indie-pop cumbia for a tune up and the shop doesn’t really need any poster or almanac, their singer Lulu Jankilevich is there to fulfill the visual needs of all horny mechanics (and the rest of us).

Besides having the sexiest singer in the whole ñu-cumbia realm, Los Labios usually give all their music away for free but this new song is not included in any of their two available EPs, so we’re assuming this is gonna be part of an upcoming release they’ll probably drop in the South American summer. Regardless of download availability, the video is definitely worth watching a few times, if only to do what Kumbia Queers’ Ali Gua Gua says she does when she sees those girls on the walls of the auto shop.

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