Video: Los Oxford’s “Chevette” [URU]

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I’ve never been into ping pong tournaments, but any game that features guys in ’70s garb, mullets, and black-rimmed glasses fixed with masking tape, I could definitely be up for. Even better if it’s scored by Los Oxford’s mixture of southern blues rock and whiskey-soaked vocals. If, like me, you’re into any of the items mentioned above, get ready to watch “Chevette,” the video for the first single off Los Oxford’s magnificent EP, Abierto.

Directed by Dominican filmmaker Arturo Dickson, “Chevette” is ’70s kitsch galore, right down to the headbands, the knee-high socks, and the reverence to the now defunct Chevy model. With great cinematography, Dickson created a comedic portrayal of the downtrodden hero/drifter trope, who parades across town and country searching for something, battling the taunts of the cool crowd and, ultimately, avenging his dignity in a heated ping pong match, proving that high school never ends. There’s more at stake, though, as Dickson throws in an extra reward for the players: the pretty girl. Dickson and Los Oxford managed to create a more selfish Forrest Gump; a little slice of Americana in Uruguay.

I won’t reveal the ending (although, I will say there is a moose head mounted on a wall somewhere), but “Chevette” is one of those videos that punks you from the get go. As soon as you think it’s going to get all serious on you, Dickson flips the switch to set you up for a laugh or a “wtf.” You can watch it below, or download Los Oxford’s Abierto over at Triple RRR Discos.

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