Video: Los Punsetes' “Los Tecnócratas”

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It makes sense that Los Punsetes would release such a poop-heavy video. They are, after all, the band that proclaimed, “Qué le den por culo a tus amigos,” over and over. They’re brash, honest, and childishly funny. So “Los Tecnócratas,” directed/animated by Mauro Entrialgo, finds a cozy home in the Punsetes world; a world that involves people eating shit, wearing shit, walking shit, and listening to shit.

Hats, “dogs,” and even grammar are replaced by turds in this animated political farce. The tecnócratas land, assess the planet, and instill their ways, because their allegorical dicks are bigger “y siempre tienen razón.” Say what you want about defecation, but the metaphor is sound. We’re all full of shit. We can’t avoid it. We just need to acknowledge it.

Watch Mauro Entrialgo’s animated jaunt into turd-dom known as Los Punsetes’ “Los Tecnócratas,” off their latest album Una Montaña es una Montaña.

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Download Los Punsetes’ Una Montaña es una Montaña below: