Video: Los Rakas' “No Tan Listo”

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Los Rakas and their videos: pretty hit or miss. We’ll call this one a wash, but on the positive side because this song is so damn catchy. The Oakland-via-Panama duo brings us “No tan listo,” their most outright dance-hally track to date. But instead of shout outs to “dutty wining” and “rude boys,” we get some decidedly Panamanian slang like “vaina” and “manes.” So we’ll get down with the video for the sake of the song. But did I need the sad video girls? No. I did not. I never do.

Watch Los Rakas’ video for “No tan listo,” directed by Spencer for Ineffable Music Group.

[insert-video youtube=ofpdhf8ErVA]

Download Los Rakas’ “No Tan Listo” below: