Video: Los Rakas star in "Cueria" mini-film

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Los Rakas have proven their lyrical worth, time and time again. With the release of their recent EP Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada as well as their smashing mixtape releases, these collaborating cousins have set a precedent in the hip-hop and dancehall scene with their authenticity, endearing bravado and poetic command. Their music is as solid as their flow, and their Spanish nuanced style makes their music all the more intriguing. On this recent video faux-film we see the duo acting in their first roles as criminal avengers, out to take justice in their own hands. The backdrop of police brutality and implied violence, reeks of cliched though unfortunate realities that hit close to home, and the pretext of their music offers an adequate soundtrack to the chaotic control in director NASIR‘s work on the clip. I was expecting more of a prolonged or poignant ending to the very politically charged build up, and it seems the performance takes over the over-dramatization of the all to familiar scenario, especially with references to Ruben Blades powering the intro. As crisp as the idea of divine justice may seem, I was just kind of waiting for something more substantial than vicious circles falling in on themselves, as usual. My film critique aside, Las Rakas are a solid group that keeps making the kind of music that we all need and enjoy, but perhaps they should stick to music and maybe leave the video art montages gangster motifs out of their more sincere and intimate approach to music.

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