Video: Los Rebel Cats’ “Mala Influencia” [MEX]

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A few weeks ago, we went a little nuts over “Mala Influencia” by Los Rebel Cats, a classic rockabilly band from D.F. Now we’re going nuts over this song again because there’s a ridiculously fun video for it.

The video features Los Felinos Rebeldes alongside guest artists Marcela Viejo, Dani Nel-Lo, and Mario Cobo as part of the band’s upcoming album, Los Rebel Cats y Sus Amigos, where each track will feature a different guest musician.

The video is as ridiculously fun as the song, what with hella tattoos, leather jackets, milkshake-drinking in diners, and finger-snapping with Marcela and Vince switching roles as rebel boy/innocent girl and rebel girl/innocent boy.

[insert-video youtube=9Gwcm39a_wM]