Video: Los Teke Teke's "Dame Tu Numerito" [R.D.]

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Twitter: @false_witness

Last night, infamous Dominican dembow and mambo group Los Teke Teke let the world know that they’ve been doing their fair share of touring over the past year through the video for their track “Dame Tu Numerito.” It seems they’ve been asked “Pa’que?” by quite a bit of women on tour, which is humorously shot throughout the locations they’ve performed in both the Dominican Republic and across Europe.

The group takes their hit to the next level with the help of trusted director Nelson Paulino (NPStudios) to lead us through footage of their tour antics, showing them performing live, wining up on some ladies in their private plane, and running around with fans and locals on the streets. If this is your first introduction to Los Teke Teke, a.k.a. Carlitos Wey & Crazy Design, check out their previous productions, including last year’s hit “Makina,” and their infectious self-titled track “El Teke Teke.”

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