Video: Macario's "Post-Feelings" ft. Sofia O [MEX]

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Mauricio Urbina set his journalistic endeavors aside to focus on his musical project. Under the name Macario he already debuted a dark, techno-pop EP named My Own back in 2011. Now we get a taste of his upcoming album, Topure, with the song “Post-Feelings.”

The video focuses on vocal guest Sofía O, who sings and dances amidst projections of stars, fog, cities, and fire. “Post-Feelings” is simple, almost linear, but unlike earlier Macario songs, this one is more suited to lighten up a night of mischief. In the past, he just wanted to sleep/talk/walk/dream on his own; maybe now he’s getting out of his shell to loosen up with everyone else.

[insert-video youtube=tFIiuCxYiCo]