Video: M.A.K.U SoundSystem's "El Jugo" [USA]

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A day in the life of these Colombians living in New York. It can start by loading your bicycle with empanadas to sell on the streets and end with an impromptu concert inside a subway car. It might not be ideal, but I’d take that every day over your boring, suburban, car-driving, lawn-mowing, mall-going routine.

Oh, how I love New York! And I bet these M.A.K.U. guys love it as much or even more (they actually live there, I don’t). Last year they released an EP titled Music Never Dies—you can even buy it on vinyl—and it had one of the best album cover artworks of the year. Now they’ve released their first official video, “El Jugo,” which is one of the songs included on that EP. It’s an ode to New York over a crazy Afro-Colombian rhythm. I want more.

[insert-video youtube=2Ha_gnSOcTw]