VIDEO: Mama Testa’s "Lurk"

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With a progressive sound that owes more to dubstep (or should we say “post-dubstep”… or shouldn’t we, instead, surrender this categorizing nonsense?) than to your usual chili flavored electronica, the track is pure danse macabre. Dark and deep and yet: funkee! Just like the little femme fatale in the video.

Shot in DF by Ashauri López and Daniel Torres, the clip showcases the devil herself, Ana Arenas (yes, go ahead and stalk her), in the skin of a Lolita called “Claudia”, swelling the balls of a poor old sod through the streets of a purple hazed Distrito Federal that could well be London.

Hetero gentlemen around the world, please watch how this common reptilian operates and PLEEEEASE learn the lesson: it takes no more than 60 seconds for the venom of toxic love to take over and destroy you.

Also nicked “El Primis”, Méndez is the man behind Pura Crema and has also produced tracks for names such as Tino El Pingüino. Check out his Soundcloud for a further glimpse of the future. And bookers all around the latinalternative nation: please stop the British invasion! This dude is waaaaay more forward.