Video: Manu Chao performs "Clandestino" in Arizona

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Here’s another beautiful, politically inspired tune for ya. As a matter of fact, “Clandestino” happens to be one of the best songs on the face of this earth and one of my all time favorites. Simple, to the point, four straight forward chords, sharpie scribbled acoustic geetars, immigration policies are fucked up — especially Arizona’s, — yes I do realize this sentence is fragmented, just like the law enforcements on immigration, y’all.

While on his 2011 La Ventrua tour and making a last stop in Arizona, the Spain/French multilingual singer-songwriter Manu Chao went to witness the human rights crises residing in this state and give a free “Alto Arizona” performance. Chao has been an unstoppable force in bringing multiculturalism, erasing those borders via songs, and unifying cultures worldwide since Mano Negra and continues to galvanize many on those unjustifiable mishaps and atrocities millions face on a daily bases, that which directly affects the voiceless population. The video was shot and directed by Alex Rivera right in front of the shameful Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City jail.

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