Video: Marcelo D2’s "M2D (A Sigla No Tag)"

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Brazilian hip-hop superstar Marcelo D2 came up with an ambitious concept for his latest album. Each and every one of the 15 songs in Nada Me Pode Parar will have its own official video. And he’s releasing them at the astonishing pace of one a week, every Thursday to be more precise.

MD2 (A Sigla No Tag)” refers to his abbreviated name as a tagger and it’s the opening track of the album, but the 11th video to be released (no, he’s not going in order). Produced by Spain’s powerhouse beat-masters, Cookin’ Soul, with their classic, ageless, jazzy sound, the track will definitely appeal to those of us who miss the golden age of ’90s hip-hop.

[insert-video youtube=Qvj5TtwSK1M]

Download Marcelo D2’s Nada Me Pode Parar below: