Video: María Del Pilar's "Quién Eres" [USA]

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María Del Pilar keeps reinventing herself. The former singer of L.A. Latin-alt darlings Los Abandoned, has changed her stage-name multiple times (Lady Singer, Lady P., Pilar Díaz…) and went from bilingual post-punk to quirky indie to funky, disco diva during her latest incarnation.

Paying tribute to the kitschy dance-pop singers of the early ’80s like Daniela Romo or Yuri, to the point of using the video editing techniques of that era (I bet you haven’t seen some of those transitions since your aunt’s quinceañera video), the stylish Chilean singer-songwriter delivers one of her catchiest songs ever and proves that she also has some moves.

[insert-video youtube=iydMMLiIZa0]