Video: Master Blaster Sound System’s “Arikitan” [USA]

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We’ve been fond of DJ Dus/El Dusty’s work ever since he dropped “K Le Pasa” over two years ago (LORD, where’s the time gone?!) and we’re always happy to see more of it whether solo or with his band, Master Blaster Sound System.

Cecy Treviño takes center stage in the band’s new video where she creates her own superhero outfit and persona, thanks to her trusty sewing machine after her puppy is kidnapped by a group of cyber cholos. She scales buildings like Adam West’s Batman and pulls off a flying kick befitting Chun-Li amid some Pee-Wee’s Playhouse-style special effects to save her canine.

[insert-video youtube=LNIrl7zPpVA]

Download Master Blaster Sound System’s Master Blaster Sound System below: