Video: Milkman’s “About You” [MEX]

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The Mexican city of Monterrey never ceases to amaze us. The area’s music scene first gave us some amazing hip-hop in Control Machete. Years later, the city gave us pointy boots, tribal guarachero, and 3Ball MTY. Now, it’s giving us something new with The-Weeknd-style hip-hop/pop sounds of Milkman.

Milkman is a bilingual MC—and rapper of choice to She’s a Tease—who just released his latest video, “About You,” off his upcoming debut album. The video by Cheeks and Milk (I suggest NOT googling that specific phrase if you’re at work) features the Milkman hidden beneath his hoodie. The beat starts and he proceeds to rap/sing on a couch, completely aloof to the party blowing up around him, not to mention the affections of girls and friends who sit next to him. It sounds cliché on paper but it’s done really well thanks to a single shot, done in one take, with a slow zoom.

[insert-video youtube=7c0JMRiVW_E]