Video: MKRNI'S "Calor" [CHL]

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Things I’ve learned from MKRNI’s new video:

1. Kids in Santiago like to make out in parks
2. Adults in Santiago like to make out in parks
3. It’s really hot in Santiago

Directed by Rod, “Calor” will be featured in MKRNI’s upcoming new album (release date TBD). The video moves like found footage surveying Chile’s capital city and its randy youth. The heat, it makes them stupid with sex! But here’s a thought: if it’s that hot, consider benching the skinny jeans and long-sleeved denim jackets for a bit. Wear a fucking tank top and sensible shorts, bro! Maybe then you wouldn’t have to slobber all over one other to cool off. I clearly have no patience for PDA. Funky track though.

[insert-video youtube=-Q4ccrIN8GA]