Video: Mock The Zuma's "Yonke Sound” [MEX]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

Ciudad Juárez’s own electronic innovator knows the sky’s the limit for his creativity. He also knows nighttime is the best time for beats and synths. The video for his new joint gives us all of the above.

Kevin Santana has dropped a new EP called Replicators through the French Alps-based Fullfridge Music label. “Yonke Sound” is the opening track, a sparse one with a laidback beat where random elements bombard the listener for five-plus minutes. The tune is not all chaos, as a central, constantly mutating synth riff guides us throughout the easy march of sounds conjured by Mock. Loops of all sizes and shapes are to be found here.

The video was directed by Aaron Acosta, also known as Infinito Corazón, and gives the song a minimalist, simple visual idea that gels amazingly well. A soundtrack to a night stroll for someone who’s always looking up.

Replicators is available on vinyl and digital through the label’s bandcamp. You can check out the video for “Yonke Sound” below.

[insert-video youtube=mxq2d1KsSUk]

(Photo by Daniel Ceballos)