Video: Modelo De Respuesta Polar’s “Estados De Un Salto”

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What is it about Spain that churns out incredible, introspective indie bands? We’ve covered bands such as Vetusta Morla and La Habitacion Roja on this website, a pair of Spanish indie artists who excel at creating slow, heart-tugging, nostalgic tunes. Now we can add Model De Respuesta Polar to that list as well.

MDRP is a indie-rock quartet from Valencia who recently released their video for “Estados De Un Salto.” It’s the third single off their debut EP Así Pasen Cinco Años courtesy of Limbo Starr records. Like the aforementioned bands, this one’s all slow and introspective what with the song being about accepting the past and moving forward by enjoying life’s little moments.

The video follows three Spanish chicas as they appear to spend their last day together as a trio. It seems their blond friend is all emo about something or other. Maybe she just found out she has some incurable disease or has to move away for her job forever. Who knows? All I know is that she’s so upset that she smashes up a vinyl record. Ooh, maybe her rock star indie boyfriend cheated on her and that’s his album she’s smashing to pieces! Art imitating life? It could be!