VIDEO: Mon Laferte's "Tornasol" [CHL/MEX]

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My reaction to Mon Laferte’s newest video,Tornasol, is quite similar to the reaction I had to Camila Moreno’s “Raptado:” I want to go to there. Granted, I’d probably do different things once I got to Mon Laferte’s spot. Less tai chi and hand clapping, more, I don’t know, anything else. I’d still be naked and covered in body paint, though, that’s a given.

Back to this post. “Tornasol” is the third single off the equally titled album and for those expecting more Yeah Yeah Yeahsiness, walk away right now. “Tornasol” sounds like that song recorded during an artist’s Spiritual Phase. You know, that phase that happens right after their Freebasing Phase? It’s Mon Laferte’s softer side, stripped of the garter belts and studded leather jackets, and cloaked, instead, in all the chiffon you could ever dream of.

The video, directed by Sebastián Soto Chacón, also features Mexico’s Renee Mooi, who guests on the track.

[insert-video youtube=qfrvEr1VuhM]