Video: Monte's "Vapor" [CR]

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We don’t get as many entries from Costa Rica as we do from Spain, Mexico, and Chile. Thankfully when we do, they usually turn out to be nothing short of great, like the duo Monte. Monte is Franco Valenciano—also of Zòpilot! and former Las Robertas drummer—and Adrián Poveda, who we first heard of two years ago when we discovered Sí San José. The band adds another music video to its credit, courtesy of award-winning filmmaker Paz Fabrega (Agua Fría Del Mar). She heard the song, loved it, imagined a video in her head, and made it happen.

Vapor” follows a bespectacled individual who starts a game of telephone and, thanks to the camera’s non-stop, 360-degree rotation, we watch it all unfold. The participants spend seven-plus minutes whispering, crouching, singing, kissing, shoving, and doing other activities until our original conspirator pauses and puts an end to it all. Someone get Fabrega on the phone and convince her to make more music videos.

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