Video: Morenas' "Mírala" [ESP]

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It’s hard for me to get that excited these days about another noise/punk/post-punk band from Spain. There are so many who do it so well (e.g. No Fucks, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Juventud Juché, anything and everything Raúl Querido related, etc.) that I’d rather just obsessively stick with those if the alternative is listening to carbon copies.

Spanish threesome Morenas released their video for “Mírala” this week, the first single off their debut album “Trío.” The clip, directed by Néstor Sevillano, is a mostly one-shot, one-frame live rendition of the track, so the words “dynamic” and “interesting” don’t really come to mind for the purposes of this review. “Mírala” also suffers from “meh” syndrome, which we all know is worse than ugh-itis. It’s an objectively OK song with no real hold, no engaging point of view. A song shouldn’t just have two legs to stand on. I want a few mutant legs in there to support it, too.

[insert-video youtube=oKAiJYDGC3M]