Video: "Move It," Palenke Soultribe's Post-Apocalyptic Parkour [COL]

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Palenke Soultribe has a new album out titled Mar and it’s the second of their Oro, Mar, Fuego concept trilogy. This is the first single off that album and it doesn’t quite represent the album as a whole, since their Colombian roots are much more evident on other tracks. But the song’s name does capture the idea behind this tribe and the whole “mar” concept, which I’d argue, is less serene and more tsunami, because you can’t just sit down and listen to it, you have to move.

The video is a whole visual delight in itself, and a mystery that may or may not have any connection to their trilogy concept. It doesn’t really matter; the whole post-apocalyptic parkour in the snow, the sexy Naada Guerra, the wolf, and the unexpected CGI play like an action short. In an age when iPhone-shot videos are becoming increasingly popular, this one stands out, especially considering it’s an independent artist with no big label budget.

[insert-video youtube=-CDvFcOp6p8]

Download Palenke Soultribe’s Mar below: